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Investor Relations

Alex Escobar

Alex Escobar is a Washington DC area Realtor and investor focused on helping clients maximize the wealth building potential of real estate in their lives. A Northern Virginia Association of Realtors “Top Producer” in 2020, he brings passion, creativity, and analysis to his work. While a client might only buy or sell a primary residence once or twice a decade, what better way to continue helping contacts to build wealth through
real estate than through commercial syndication. It’s safer, easier, and requires less money than investing in single family homes as an individual.

As a founding member of a non-profit organization, Alex previously managed programs related to housing and education for at-risk youth in Honduras. During that time the organization built schools, education centers, and homes to change life dramatically for those families. He went on to become a business advisor and acquisitions specialist for an international development donor, negotiating and managing contracts worth hundreds of millions for compliance, adherence to budgets, and results.


Erik Carey

Erik Carey has enjoyed direct experience as a consultant to fiduciary boards concerning such issues as setting investment policies and guidelines, asset allocation parameters, qualifying asset managers and performance measurement. He was instrumental in revamping and expanding fiduciary research and investment consulting services for Merrill Lynch.

Prior to his Wall Street engagement, Erik Carey was a consultant to the United States Agency For International Development (USAID) in Costa Rica where he was instrumental in attracting millions of foreign investment dollars to the Central American economy. He has hosted a radio talk show on AM 730 discussing today’s financial markets and investment strategies; and appears as a frequent guest on Political News Network where he discussed the economy and the impact of current economic events.

He founded Zane Development Company in 2001 to develop, construct, acquire, and/or manage commercial real estate. He is also active in his community through Hourly Tutors and Next Level Sports Camp, two non-profits he founded to support local youth through coaching, mentoring and academic tutoring. Mr. Carey resides in the Washington D.C. area with his three children and
wife of twenty five years.

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